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Preferred Bugeye Cover

Preferred Bugeye Cover

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A car cover has a difficult job. It has to keep the water out and the also keep the air moving through it. If you have ever tried covering a car with a blue tarp, you know all too we’ll that they trap moisture and seem to do more damage than leaving the car uncovered. So a good cover has to be waterproof but breathe too.

Our preferred cover is the one we feel preforms best. It’s highly water resistant and quite breathable, yet easy to clean if it gets dusty. Because of its dust resistance, it is also the cover we recommend for indoor storage. Cheaper "inside only" covers simply get too dusty and can leave that dirt on your car when you are putting them on or taking them off. Because of the coated exterior, you can blow off this cover to keep it clean.

Click below to order our “house cover.” Woven polyester with a silver reflective urethane coating on the outside to withstand extreme sun with a soft lining on the inside, while being water resistant. And remember, any cover will reach a saturation point, and leak. No car cover is completely waterproof. And it’s always wise to dry out your car cover off the car if it gets saturated. A wet and soaked through cover left on your car can damage the finish, so make sure to keep your cover dry after a long and soaking rain.

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