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Complete License Plate Light Assembly (Bugeye Only)

Complete License Plate Light Assembly (Bugeye Only)

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Finally together as kit, here is a correct license plate light assembly for your Bugeye.  Our kit includes the body to plinth gasket, a correct Bugeye plinth, and a two-light chrome license plate assembly. We also include all the hardware needed to mount it to your car.  

License plate light assemblies are often incorrect on Bugeye restorations. We have seen many cars with the incorrect later plinth or no mounting plinth at all! This part of your restoration is important and will make a bid difference to the overall look of your car. 

The plinth should be painted body color so make sure to get it to the paint shop when you repaint your car.

Included in this kit are the following bits:

License plate light

License plate light chrome cover

Lens Glass

Plinth-to-Light Gasket

Paintable License Plate Plinth

Plinth-To-Body Gasket

Pictures below show the proper license plate mount on several cars. On the red primer-finished car below, you can see the later square Sprite plinth incorrectly fit to a Bugeye. Notice the raised center section on that license plate light support, which is commonly fit on Bugeyes, but incorrect. If you want to correct this detail on your car, this kit is the answer.

NOTE: For national concours Bugeye owners: early Bugeyes came with a single bulb license plate light-these are no longer available. You will need to find a used light if this matters to you. Our two light assembly is brighter, and looks correct from the outside.

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