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Pedal Pad (All Spridgets) (Sold Individually)

Pedal Pad (All Spridgets) (Sold Individually)

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This is a chronic Sprite weak spot. These pads often get soaked from leaking hydraulic fluid above and then swell and fall off. Many Bugeyes show up in our building with a loose pedal pad or two laying in the footwell.

These new pads will help make your pedals less slippery and add a nice decorative touch. To install, make sure to clean the pedals first and then apply a dab of rubber glue to the center of your pedal to help hold them in place. You'll need to flip the rubber edges completely over the entire perimeter of the pedal to make sure they stay in place.

Get two pads, one each for your clutch and brake pedals. The gas pedal is different shape and pedal.

Austin Healey Sprite, all years
MG Midget, all years
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