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Oil pan sump gasket kit (948-1275 Engines)

Oil pan sump gasket kit (948-1275 Engines)

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This seals the union between the oil pan and the engine block. Included are the two cork gaskets for the end seals and the long gaskets for the sides of the pan.

We are also happy to offer a sump kit that comes with neoprene end seals, select the one you would like!

Installation Note: Make sure to trim these cork end pieces to fit upon installation.  

NOTE: If using the neoprene end seals, there are two different lengths of sump seal. The front one is shorter than the rear one, so be sure you have the right seal in the right place!

NOTE 2: You may need to trim the seal to fit the gap properly. Leave just shy of 1/8" protruding above the base of the lip for the side gasket to seat onto and compress to ensure a tight seal. Don't leave too much or you can damage the seal upon tightening or even damage the oil pan! Don't cut it too short or it will leak! See pictures for proper fitment.

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