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Lucas Reproduction Sebring Driving Lights (pair)

Lucas Reproduction Sebring Driving Lights (pair)

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These bonnet mounted driving lights have been popular with Bugeye Sprites, probably since the first endurance event that lasted into the night. You’ve seen them on Sebring Sprites, and many other racers who have gone the distance in their Bugeye.

We’re fitting these to our Bugeye Gumby during the current restoration and we’re excited to offer them for any other owners looking for beautiful accessory that looks great also improves nighttime visibility. They come in a beautiful chrome housing and with a replaceable halogen bulb. Wiring not included. You will need to pierce your nose as shown in the video to install these lights.

We feel strongly that these look best mounted below the seam in the Frogeye bonnet, as shown in all the photos. This is the same position used by the factory racing team as you can see in the line-up of factory race cars.

Notice the one photo with the big "X." We took this photo from some else's online listing, and notice how the lights look all wrong when mounted above the seam in this photo.

Kit comes as shown with bulb. You will need to add your own wires but the bullet connections are included.

We have included some dimensions for you so you know what size hole you will need and how big the light is overall.

INSTALLER'S NOTE: It is recommended that a small piece of rubber, foam or other non-conductive material be placed under the connection points (see circled photo) to keep the electrical bits from shorting on the chassis of the lens.

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