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Austin Healey Sprite Improved Original Bugeye Shift Knob Interior - Bugeye

Improved Original Bugeye Shift Knob

$ 19.95

I love the original black Bugeye shift knobs but always disliked their sloppy mounting system. They screw onto the shifters with nothing more than a rubber insert and a sloppy union is the result, which makes shifting feel somewhat vague on these tight little sports cars. Watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean! Now we have a solution. Our new shift knob insert is an innovative custom aluminum interface that provides a rigid union between shift lever and knob. Simply unscrew your rubber insert and replace it with our metal one, which is custom machined to properly screw into your knob and onto your lever. Comes with low profile locking nut so you can center the shift pattern graphic on your knob. Installs in minutes. Rewards you with a lifetime of tactile shifting bliss! You can purchase the insert alone for your knob ($19.95) or order a new knob with the metal insert pre-loaded ($39.95). 

NOTE: All Sprite shift levers were 5/16"-18 from the factory. If your lever has been altered or changed, this knob/insert may not fit.

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