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Austin Healey Sprite Hub Bearing Retaining Nut - Right Hub  - Bugeye

Hub Bearing Retaining Nut - Right Hub

$ 10.79

The Sprite rear hub is a chronic maintenance candidate. We are constantly removing the rear hubs because the rear brake shoes get soaked with axle oil. To remove the hub and change your rear hub seals, you may need a new nut because these are often damaged during prior repairs. In particular, we see many Sprites with big chisel marks in the hub nuts because most people don't have a big enough socket to remove this nut.  New nuts are cheap! Order them here.

And we recommend our axle nut tool so that you can do it right! Uses a standard racket extension in the square hole to drive it.
NOTE: The right hand side has conventional right hand threads and the left side has reverse (left hand) threads. Be sure to order one of each or verify which side you require before ordering.

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