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Horn Rehab Kit

Horn Rehab Kit

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Our ultimate horn rehab kit to get your Bugeye Sprite honking once more. This kit includes a new dash cone with contact, our modified horn brush and a horn push with the proper retaining clips. The dash cone is a direct replacement for your LHD Bugeye. Our horn brush is modified to work, the other horn brushes we have tried kept popping our horn pushes out.  The horn push comes with the 2 retaining clips, however, the original steering wheels sometimes have some damage from over the years where the clips bite into them and they will need a little repair work for your horn push to stay in place.

We primarily stock LHD drive dash cones but have a few RHD. Ask if you need one for a right hand drive car. Available separately by clicking here.

Click here for a video with more information!

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