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Sprite Horn Push Contact Ring (Sprite MkI/MkII & Midget MkI)

Sprite Horn Push Contact Ring (Sprite MkI/MkII & Midget MkI)

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This hard-to-find part mounts on the face of the plastic cone between the steering wheel and the dashboard. The horn brush in the steering wheel rides on this ring as you turn the steering wheel, and allows the horn to activate when the horn push is depressed. You simply bend these tabs to hold this piece onto the plastic cone.

It comes with the correct wire bullet to plug into the stock wiring harness.

If you need a horn cone we have that for sale as well. We sell a complete kit with a horn brush, horn push and dashboard mounted plastic cone.

If you are installing a new contact ring, and would like some information about installing them correctly, we have a great article about bullet connectors here.

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