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Hi-Torque Gear Reduction Starter

Hi-Torque Gear Reduction Starter

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This is a Hi-Torque / gear reduction starter for your Austin Healey sprite.  It fits all Sprite engines-948,1098 and 1275.

I used to think this product was only required for performance applications, for example, with higher compression engines that are harder to start. But I have become a big fan of these starters since they are much more efficient and do more with less. For example, when you classic car has been sitting for a while and the battery is low, this starter will start your car while your old Lucas starter won't make it. Why? These are hugely more efficient, with far better bearings, and they require a lot less amperage to spin your engine. They also spin faster, which makes it easier to start your classic car.

Even hot starting is easier-when your car is blistering hot in the middle of July, your original starter might complain after you run in to grab a quart of milk- but this little starter has the grunt to handle whatever you throw at it (and it's nice to have one less thing to worry about)!


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