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Full Bugeye Metal Body Beading Kit

Full Bugeye Metal Body Beading Kit

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Every Bugeye Sprite  had a T-shaped beading strip installed the length of the car on both sides of the body. It ran from the underside of the nose up to the windshield cowl, and from the back deck down to the rear turn signal lights. There were also short pieces under the front signal lights and the rear signal lights. The photographs show exactly where this beading is supposed to be placed. The beading is sometimes destroyed by sanding, rust, corrosion, or a previous painter who chose not to install it.

This beading kit supplies you with enough of this beading to re-strip a whole car! Pieces will have to be cut to size. See the photos for reference on where they go.

If you need to do a small repair, we also offer this beading in half-stick and full-stick sizes. You can purchase those here.

NOTE: This is more than enough beading for one full Bugeye. You will have a small amount left over once the beading has been cut to size. Measure twice, cut once! Use these photos for reference.

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