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Brass Float and Viton Gaskets - Fuel Sender Upgrade Kit (cars thru '71)

Brass Float and Viton Gaskets - Fuel Sender Upgrade Kit (cars thru '71)

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Our PSA: do not use a sender with a plastic float. We wish suppliers world-over would stop supplying these plastic floats, as we keep running into problems. They are useless, and will sink within their first year in ethanol. Our brass float solution is impervious to ethanol, unless you want to change your sender twice, you need to use a brass float.  

The other weak spot with senders has been the cork gaskets that both seal the unit internals and the gasket that seals the sender to the tank.  This kit comes with a viton set of gaskets. 

We also sell a complete sender with a brass float and viton gaskets!

Use Hylomar M or some other petroleum-proof sealant to seal the screw heads when installing your sender, to ensure a leak proof seal.

INSTALLATION NOTE: Be sure to install the fuel sender in the proper orientation! Click photo below to read more! 

If you are wondering why you may need to replace these parts, we have a great video about it:

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