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Solid State Fuel Pump Kit-reliability upgrade!

Solid State Fuel Pump Kit-reliability upgrade!

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Unless your car is built for national concours judging, this kit is a must for all Sprites. It makes your car more reliable, safer and it saves stress on your engine and your battery. We use this kit on nearly every Bugeye that comes through our building.

The mechanical pump is inferior to this solid state modern pump. Most classic cars spend more time sitting than driving and as such, can loose their prime in the fuel system. Float bowl fuel evaporates between drives when the car sits for prolonged periods, so the carbs have to be refilled with fresh fuel before the car will start. If you have the stock mechanical pump, this can take a lot of cranking, and can kill your battery. Original mechanical fuel pumps have a priming lever, but new replacements do not. We much prefer the electric pump, which primes instantly and saves battery power for cranking the cold engine.

The other big issue with mechanical pumps has to do with diaphragm failure, which we see often, and can result in fuel pouring out of the pump not too far from a hot exhaust. Moreover, mechanical pump failure can lead to filling your sump with fuel, and trashing your oil and bearings, since the pump is block mounted. And they can also allow engine oil to leak too if the gasket is no good.

Our fuel pump kit eliminates these ills, and has everything you need to mount the pump and go electric. We use a solid state pump without points and have never had one fail on the cars we prepare. We recommend mounting it at the back of the car on the passenger side bulkhead. This puts the pump out of the way and close to the tank.

To install this fuel pump on a negative ground car, take the red wire and install it on the keyed on power terminal on your fuse box. You will have to use a voltmeter to determine which is the keyed on power terminal.  We drill a hole in the bulkhead and run the wire through the interior along the rocker panel to the keyed power source For a positive ground car, do the same as above with the black wire. 

Our kit comes includes:

  • solid state fuel pump (x1)
  • rubber isolators mounts (x2)
  • rivet nuts (x2)
  • barbed fuel line fittings (x2)
  • nuts, flat washers, & lock washers (x2)


    - In order to install the rivet nuts, you will need a rivet nut tool which you can find by clicking here.

    - If you have a 948 engine, you will need to purchase a blanking plate and gasket which you can find by clicking here. This is not included in the fuel pump kit. 

    -This pump runs 2-3.5 PSI


    We mount these fuel pumps on the exterior of the rear bulkhead (the vertical panel behind the seats). You'll notice there is a small hole on the rear bulkhead that doesn't go all the way through to the interior - we drill that hole out to the interior of the car (be sure to move your seats out of the way so you don't accidentally drill into your seats). We feed the wiring through the hole into the cockpit of the car, then run along the bulk head towards the rocker on the passenger side, then with the main wiring harness. 

    These work with both positive and negative ground vehicles.

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