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Fuel Line Kit (All Spridgets)

Fuel Line Kit (All Spridgets)

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After sitting for 6o years, it is very common for us to find fuel lines leaking. Often, fixing the one leaking spot will result in the system finding the next weak point, and leaking there.

We opt to replace the fuel lines with the kit we have provided here as well as mount a solid state fuel pump on the rear bulkhead of the car. This kit does not include the fuel tank (found here), or the tank pick up line (found here), but starts at the rear bulkhead with the fuel pump, runs along the rail at the center of the car, up along the side of the engine, and finally up to the carbs.

The kit includes: Rubber fuel hose, hard fuel line, clips to secure the line, a fuel filter and hose clamps.

If you would like to add the fuel pump to the kit, choose it from the options above.

You will receive a PDF in your email detailing routing instructions. 


- In order to install the rivet nuts, you will need a rivet nut tool which you can find by clicking here.

- If you have a 948 engine, you will need to purchase a blanking plate and gasket which you can find by clicking here. This is not included in the fuel pump kit. 

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