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Fuel Fragrance - make your exhaust smell more pleasant!

Fuel Fragrance - make your exhaust smell more pleasant!

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We all smell like hydrocarbons around here, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise… our very clean floors are all spotted with oil soaked cardboard and our engines pump fumes out of every pore. And our exhaust… well, we live in a pollution control-free zone, so tail pipe emissions? We got ‘em!

Thus, our bioengineering division has come up with some nifty tricks to help keep our loved ones from vacating the room when we arrive home after a long day at the shop. We’ve got three new gasoline additives to make sure what comes out of the tail pipe is all roses. Simply add a few drops of these scents to your fuel tank and your exhaust will be transformed. Who doesn't love the nostalgic smell of root beer… and if you want to really impress (or piss off) your significant other, we are proud to announce our new x-girlfriend scent, because every great classic car should smell like an old girlfriend (smells like Victoria's Secret perfume).

Change the smell of your garage forever with our new Bugeye scents!

These additives are tested on older engines without any side effects!

NOTICE: DO NOT INTENTIONALLY INHALE EXHAUST FUMES!! This product will make them smell better, but will NOT eliminate the lethality of carbon monoxide!!

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