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Front License Plate Mount for Bugeyes with no front bumper

Front License Plate Mount for Bugeyes with no front bumper

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Most States in the USA require a front license plate. If you have a bumper, that's easy. But with no bumper, it's difficult to mount a plate unless you awkwardly hang it from your grill. This rare part make's it easy to hang your plate. These can be mounted to the 4 screws on the underside of the front of your Bugeye's nose.  Sold in black only.

The "face" measures 4 3/4" high X 16 1/8" wide.

Installation note: This bracket does NOT come pre-drilled due to variations in the location of the holes on the nose and due to the different types/shapes of license plate that could be installed (N. American, Vintage English, etc.). You will have to drill the holes in your bracket based on where the holes in your nose are, and based on where the mounting holes for your license plate are.

Installation Note 2: Every Bugeye from the factory had 4 Phillips screws in the nose under the grille that served no purpose but to house a bracket similar to this one. Over the years these screws may have been removed, painted over, etc. Before purchasing, please ensure these screws, or holes, are present.

If you have any questions, please give us a call!

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