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Front Hub Assembly for Wire-Wheel Disc Brake Spridgets

Front Hub Assembly for Wire-Wheel Disc Brake Spridgets

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These hubs are a direct replacement for Spridgets equipped with wire wheels with "knock-off" style hubs and front disc brakes. Over time, the splines on these hubs wear and the wheel works itself loose. If you are hearing a "clunk" under acceleration or braking, it may be time to take a look at your hubs!

There were two different thread pitches used for the threads that hold the wheel nut on, a "coarse" thread and a "fine" thread. Make sure you purchase the hub(s) that match the wheel nut thread pitch. "Coarse" thread was 8 threads per inch, "Fine" thread was 12 threads per inch.

These hubs are side-specific. We recommend you replace your front hubs in pairs; in reality, we recommend you replace all four hubs at the same time (we offer the rear replacement hubs that press onto your rear axles here). However, if you are purchasing just one hub, make sure you get the hub that matches the side you intend to replace.

Also, be sure to check the splines on your wheels. Just like hubs, the splines on the wheels themselves can wear over time!

If you need the wire wheel hub dust cap, you can find that here.

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