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Austin Healey Sprite Improved solid state electronic flasher for all Spridgets Exterior - Bugeye

Improved solid state electronic flasher for all Spridgets

$ 22.95

We've had lots of Sprites with flasher problems. For example, indicator lights often stop working, or the whole system becomes intermittent. Our best fix has been to switch to an electronic flasher unit. These babies seem to solve a lot of ills, and work much more reliably. So this is a recommended and inexpensive upgrade.

You might have trouble getting one of these flashers to work on a positive ground system, so it's best to only use these on negative ground cars. If you are keeping your car positive ground, or if you are looking for a more period correct look, then our conventional flasher is what you need, which you can find here. It's always good to have a spare conventional flasher available, so get two!

The upgraded solid state units requires that you change the type of wire connectors but we make this change easy by including all the required hardware, including the self- taping screw needed to mount the bracket for your new flasher. 

Install tip: take a photo of your old flasher setup before removing it, this way you can reference how to wire-up your new flasher. The extra wire on the electronic flasher should go direct to ground.

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