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Early Bugeye Concours Hardura Trunk Tray

Early Bugeye Concours Hardura Trunk Tray

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This is the correct setup in the boot area of early Bugeye Sprites, through chassis number AN5L 4684. On earlier cars, the trunk mat was wider and the sides were folded up and sewn in such a way that it created a "box"-type structure around the spare tire. After car AN5L 4684, Sprites were outfitted with the conventional trunk mat we sell in our hardura kits and grey cardboard side panels were added to the boot area. 

Each of these mats is custom-sewn to order by our expert upholstery technicians. It is available in black, blue, green, and red. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or custom thread requests! Any custom thread requests will incur a $25 charge.

See our trunk tray in action here!


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