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DVD gift set

DVD gift set

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Get both or our DVDs as a gift set for less! This gift pack includes our Concours DVD and our All About Bugeyes DVD

All About Bugeyes:

Learn how to distinguish a great car from someone’s junk Bugeye dumped on EBAY! Don’t get burned with someone else’s problems (that they fail to disclose)!

We’ve got a great DVD that will give you a thorough briefing about these wonderful Bugeye Sprites. This DVD is packed with almost two hours of great information, divided into 29 indexed chapters that are easy to locate and preview. Learn what to look for when buying an Austin Healey Sprite and / or learn more about the Frogeye you already love! 

Check out a preview of the DVD on youtube! 

 Concours DVD:

We are proud to introduce an all new DVD about the Gold Medal Concours Bugeye we prepared in the summer of 2015 for the National Austin Healey Conclave in Pennsylvania. Building AN5L 552 was the most difficult project we’ve taken-on to date. We were ecstatic to earn gold certification, confirmed after two hours of intense judging by a team of four highly qualified judges. 

This content is available via digital download or hard copy DVD. If you order the digital download, you will receive a limited use link (3 times) to download the content to your hard drive on your computer. Once that link expires, you will no longer be able to download the content, so make sure you know where it loads on your device. Once on your device, it will not expire.

If you order the DVD, you will also get the email link to load content immediately. 

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