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Door Check Strap Kit with Hardware (sold as a pair)(Bugeye thru '63)

Door Check Strap Kit with Hardware (sold as a pair)(Bugeye thru '63)

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Proper door check straps for your Bugeye sprite are needed to keep the doors from opening too far and potentially damaging your bodywork.  These are the correct Sprite straps with the proper brackets and screws. Just select the color and quantity from the drop-down menu. 

Many cars we see are missing these check straps completely, or the straps are cracked and frayed. And most of the cars we see do not have the curved inner bracket which is essential for helping your check straps enjoy a long life.

Sold as a pair.

Installer note:

To put these into your car, feed the raw end of the strap through the door so that the captive metal bar stops inside the slot. You'll need to punch two holes in the naked end of the strap and screw these to the outboard side of your footwell. You can use the steel plate as a template.

You will notice two 10x32 holes pre-threaded in your car at the factory. If you have trim panels installed in your car, you will need to remove the outer panel in the footwell to find the two threaded holes in the sheet metal. You'll also need to punch two holes in your trim panel to allow the screws to penetrate to the sheet metal.


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