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Door Check Strap Bracket Set (Bugeye thru '63)

Door Check Strap Bracket Set (Bugeye thru '63)

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Check straps are essential and prevent your door from over-throwing and damaging the paint and bodywork on your car.  We still see quite a few cars come through here with missing check straps, which is always surprising to me, because this simple part prevents a lot of expensive damage.

The strap requires these proper brackets for all Bugeye and early Spridgets. The upper piece shown below is effectively a washer to cover the check strap where it secures to your footwell panel, and finishes off the strap. The lower piece shown is an internal support for the strap. This "sandwich" best supports the strap, keeps it from chafing, and is factory correct. These pieces are missing on most of the cars we see. Includes the pieces shown, enough for both sides of your car.

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