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Day / Night Rear view mirror

Day / Night Rear view mirror

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One of my favorite features on this Bugeye the egg is the day night mirror. It’s funny for me to note that on this near perfect 1275 five speed wonderfully modified sprite, the one thing that stands out to me is that this is the only Bugeye I have ever driven with a day night mirror. As my eyes get more intolerant of xenon retina melting SUV lights shooting in my face, this little mirror is a dream. Plus, this elevated windshield position makes rearward visibility far superior to the normal Bugeye dashboard mount. Thus we set out to find a great stick on windshield mirror for all Bugeyes, so that the egg is not the only one thusly equipped. We’ve found a somewhat vintage (70s?) reproduction mirror with the day night feature, which we think is one of the nicest things you can do for your bugeye, and your eyes.

This mirror now comes with the prep and adhesive to attach it to your windscreen glass. 

Mirror is approximately 8 inches long and 2 1/2 inches high.

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