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Bugeyeguy Dual Tip Muffler

Bugeyeguy Dual Tip Muffler

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If you want your Bugeye to sound like a true sports car, this is your muffler. We custom designed this muffler in partnership with Maniflow, one of the best UK manufacturers of exhaust components, to produce a  high quality proprietary muffler you can’t buy anywhere else, and it’s the finest money can buy. We tweaked the design through multiple versions to get the sound just right. Listen to the difference in sound between our muffler in the before and after videos posted above.

We tried all the mufflers out there marketed for Bugeyes, and none were car-specific and this they didn't fit. (The stock replacement fits, but sounds a bit bland.) The performance mufflers available were frequently clipping our ankles while walking around the shop, because they are all too long. So we fixed that on our muffler for our customers’ cars, and now you can enjoy the same trick performance exhaust note and great fit on your own car too.

Our muffler measures 27.5" overall and is designed to be trimmed front and/or back if needed so that it will fit almost any center pipe. You can also trim the unit as needed to adjust how much the twin tips protrude out of the back of your car. You are looking for just the right amount of protrusion... enough to keep the exhaust from staining the back end of your car, and not so much that it clips you at ankle height each time you walk past!

Our custom made stainless muffler is designed specifically to make your car sing through a 1 5/8″ (OD) inlet and twin 1 1/2″ (OD) chrome outlets. We tuned it so it would be loud, just not so loud as to be annoying to your passenger… or your neighbors. 

Each muffler comes with an adjustable hanger clamp, as shown. This clamp can be easily moved fore and aft along the muffler canister, to help ensure that the muffler is easy to fit.

More dimensions: chamber is 5 inch diameter, 8.5 inches long. Tail pipes protrude 8 inches out of can, front pipe extends 11" out of can. Most people cut the front of the muffler to get it to fit.

All the mufflers are now green as shown. Silver is no longer available.

Check out a sound clip of this muffler installed on a 1275 engine by clicking here.

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