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Bugeyeguy MK1 Sprite carpet deluxe kit (with trunk mat).

Bugeyeguy MK1 Sprite carpet deluxe kit (with trunk mat).

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For years we’ve seen Bugeyes fit with lousy carpet kits that seem to have been made by people who never actually fit one into a Bugeye before. We got tired of complaining and made our own kit that works. We've made a kit that is easier to install with better results than with other carpet that you might find online. There are dozens of improvements over other kits. These just fit better.

Moreover, we offer a wide array of colors not available anywhere else, so you can customize your Bugeye interior.

We’ve tested this kit on dozens of Bugeyes, and it fits and looks great. Our carpet is made of plush pile carpet. (Loop carpet is used on olive green since pile is not available in this color).

Carpet kits in Bugeyes traditionally terminate at the top of the rear axle hump. We offer a matching a trunk/boot mat in the same colors, which comes with these kits.

Please let kit sit out for 24-48 hours to level out before installing. Kits require spray glue or contact cement for the cross member, inner footwell and rear wheel arch pieces. Remaining pieces can also be glued or you can use snaps.

Because of the heel mat in the driver footwell, these are for left hand drive cars only.

We have added ultra plush black as an option. This is a heavier gauge carpet than what we sell in other colors, for a more deluxe look. Ultra plush is about 25% thicker than what is usually sold for car interiors, and suitable for the nicest Bugeye interiors. Some additional sound deadening will also result.

If you want black carpet, choose ultra plush from the drop down menu. Ultra plush is only available in black.

Below you will see photos of our carpet kits installed in a number of different interiors, so you can see the various color combinations available.

Restorer's tips:

After hundreds of installations, we have found that no two Bugeye floor pans are exactly the same. Therefore, we have chosen not to sew binding on the edge of the under seat mat that butts up to the transmission tunnel. You'll find that edge to be slightly longer than needed on some cars, so that we can be sure that every carpet kit fits every Sprite mark 1 or 2.

This edge is not visible once your seat is installed.

If you prefer, you can trim this inner seam to fit your particular tunnel. You can also flame the edge to seal it so it won't fray. With or without trimming, you can flame edge the piece we provide to give it a slightly more finished look. Again, this edge will not be visible once your seat are installed.

If you have a 1958 Bugeye number below roughly AN5L 5400, our trunk carpets will not fit. All kits out there are designed for car 5400 and later. The carpets are designed to fit cars with the later reinforcing gussets that came along after ~ car 5400 so early cars will have a gap. Please call if you would like a custom hardura kit for your early '58 Sprite



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