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Bugeyeguy Ignition Switch Guillotine

Bugeyeguy Ignition Switch Guillotine

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This is a product needed on every Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite (and Mark two Sprites too)! 

If you’ve ever tried to fit an ignition switch on a Bugeye, you know that the clip that holds the switch to the dash is inferior, and difficult to fit. It's usually a wrestling match to get the factory clip in place, and even when you get it, the result seems quite fragile and easy to pop off.

Compounding factors are variable switch quality and modified dashboards, all of which can make the ignition/lighting switch loose in the dash, which can wind up the wires if you’re not careful and start a fire.

We got tired of wrestling with these issues on customer cars in our shop and created a clever solution… our new guillotine clamps the switch and locks it to the dashboard, ending the risk of shorts and any other loose switch issues!

If you have a loose combo switch, or you are restoring a Bugeye and want to make sure your switch never gets loose in your dashboard, you need one of these! It comes with two allen wrenches needed for installation.

Simply disconnect your battery, throw the factory clip in the rubbish bin, and clamp this onto your switch. Then tighten the allen set screws into the back of your dashboard. Then the clamp will permanently locate the switch and keep it from rotating. It's completely out of sight and no one will even know it's there. You'll never need to fuss with those annoying factory clips ever again!

The photos below show the product installed.


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