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Bugeye Used H1 Carburetor Sets

Bugeye Used H1 Carburetor Sets

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These carburetors are perfect for someone who is missing carburetors and wants to try an economical solution to get their car running before deciding to purchase new HS2s!

These were removed in most cases due to a customer wanting to upgrade to the more reliable HS2s; however, we make no claims about the condition of these carb sets. They are sold as-is, much like our other used parts inventory. 

These carburetor sets will come with both carburetors, heat shield (sometimes the heat shield will have been modified by a previous owner) and the intake manifold. Though some may come with other parts attached, other parts are not guaranteed to be present on the set you purchase. Shown below is an example of what you can expect to be getting upon purchase, but actual product may vary.

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