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Bugeyeguys Used Generator

Bugeyeguys Used Generator

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For those looking for a generator to replace their noisy, worn, seized or broken unit but not wanting to upgrade to our alternator or alternator-generator conversions, or not wanting to spend the money on a new generator, this is the solution!

Each of these used generators has been tested for basic functionality but outputs are unknown until they are installed in a car. Generators will not come with usable pulleys or fans in most cases, so you should expect to re-use your pulley and fan. Each generator will need polarizing before installation to ensure proper output based on whether your car is positive or negative ground.

There are three different variants available: the original Bugeye generators which had screw terminals on the back, original Sprite/Midget generators which had slide-on spade terminals on the back, and Generators which do not have tach drives for use on cars equipped with electric tachometers. Please select the option you need from the above menu. Give us a call if you have any questions!

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