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Austin Healey Sprite Bugeye String Bikini Top Tops - Bugeye

The original Bugeye Sprite string bikini Top

$ 539.95


We love convertibles, but not too much sun. So we developed a practical way to drive a Bugeye Sprite on the hottest of days without melting in the cockpit. Our Bugeye String Bikini is the answer. It covers just enough to shield you and your passenger from the sun and still give you that convertible feel, with abundant air flow. If you have been out on a boat with a bimini top, this is a similar product that shields you from the sun but also stays tight when you are moving along at a good clip. This new product fastens to the front of your windshield like a Bugeye bar-type top (call if you have an early 9 stud windshield and we’ll make one for you). If you are unfamiliar, this product will fit any Sprite Mark 1 or 2 windshield frame with two studs along the top of the frame,  but not if you have 9 studs along the windshield frame.

This product is a must for anyone who lives in a hot dry climate who wants to extend their Bugeye driving season!

Made to order! Allow up to two weeks for delivery.

NOTE: We have tested this top up to 75MPH and it stays nice and taught, even at that speed. You'll also notice that our product is custom tailored to wrap around the original top frame to give you string bikini a nice full shape. This is NOT a flat shapeless canopy. Our product has a pleasing shape when stretched over the stock top bows for your Sprite.

If you need the top bow for your new top, find it here.

If you need the front retaining bar for your top, you can find it here.

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