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- John P., Kansas

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Austin Healey Sprite Bugeye Sprite Re-Paint rubber rebuild kit  - Bugeye

Bugeye Sprite Re-Paint rubber rebuild kit

$ 199.95

When your restored Bugeye comes out of the paint shop, you'll need each of these rubber pieces before you begin re-assembly. Chances are good that all the old stuff is cracked and dried out, so now is the time to replace the old with new rubber. We have used this kit on every car we have repainted and you should too. Your overall restoration results will soar!

Included are 34 separate rubber pieces:

Two headlight bucket to nose gaskets

One windshield frame to cowl gasket

Two windshield post pads, (windshield post to body gaskets)

Four park light rubber sockets

One nose to cowl gasket, softer and better fitting

Two tail light base to body gaskets

Two tail light lens to base gaskets

One filler neck to body gasket

One license plate light plinthe to body gasket

One license plate light to plinthe gasket

Four rocker panel to front wing rubber nose supports

Two bonnet buffers that mount on the inner fenders under the bonnet

Eight door hinge hole rubber plugs

Two rubber jack hole plugs

One shift lever to shift tower rubber gaiter

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