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Austin Healey Sprite Bugeye Sprite front frame rail horn (sold individually)  - Bugeye

Bugeye Sprite front frame rail horn (sold individually)

$ 46.99

After getting intimate with more than 250 Bugeyes in my career, I have noticed that many of the front frame rails have been bent. This is from crash damage over the years. Even a small hit to the nose in a parking lot can damage these front rails. The bumper mounts inside these rails sometimes get destroyed too, from bumper impact.

Alignment of these parts becomes very important when try to mount and latch your nose, as the alignment pins have to fit in the receptacles on these rails. And if you want to hang a front bumper, you will need good threads inside this part.

It's not too difficult to cut off and weld on new ones , if you are so inclined during your Bugeye restoration.

Please specify right or left horn. If you order two, you will get one left and one right.

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