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Austin Healey Sprite PAIR of Bugeye Sprite (and all Sprite Midget) thin wheel spacers  - Bugeye

PAIR of Bugeye Sprite (and all Sprite Midget) thin wheel spacers

$ 39.95

Our 1/8" spacers solve a recurring challenge we've seen in our shop... Some cars have rear tire rub issues while cornering, especially with wider than normal rear tires. With 165 or 175 series tires, these are essential and all you need to ensure the tires will not rub. Sometimes even 155 series will hit the radius arm support in the rear wheel well on spirited cornering, so we designed the perfect spacer to give just enough additional clearance and keep rear tires from rubbing. We now offer 3/16" spacers as well. 

Other spacers we have seen on the market to not fit tightly so we designed our own and it fits right. This one centers on the hubs nicely to properly support the center of the wheel so you can run larger tires. Bugeyes came stock with a slightly narrower rear track and these spacers also help to make everything look a little more balanced.

Note, make sure to check the torque settings on the rear lug nuts when fitting, and after a short drive, be sure to re-torque your lug nuts. Proper torque for stock rear studs is 38lbs. When these spacers are installed, a few threads of the stock lug nut will be exposed. We also have longer studs available if you prefer to change them.

Sold by the pair. While work on front hubs too! We're excited to offer yet another custom product to fix a recurring Spridget issue!

NOTE: These spacers are only available for bolt on wheels, not wire wheels. 

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