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Pair of Bugeye/quarter elliptic rear spring lowering shims

Pair of Bugeye/quarter elliptic rear spring lowering shims

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If your Bugeye sits too high in the back and you want to bring it down, these wedges will help. Loosen your springs and slide these underneath the spring. They will lower the car and make it more level. Every car is different and not all the springs are exactly the same, (although most replacements are too high, ESPECIALLY the 10 leaf rally version).

If these wedges are not sufficient for the job, we have longer u-bolts too so you can add thicker shims or double them up. Best to start with these as the first step. 5 degree shims are usually adequate, but we have 6 degree shims as well if you feel your car is riding particularly high. Sold as a pair, with or without longer u-bolts. Use the drop down menu to choose shims only or shims with longer u-bolts if you are near the end of your threads on the stock u-bolt.

These shims come with 1/4" self tapping screws. Use a 7/32" drill bit to drill through your bottom spring plate and partially into the shim, then install the self tapping screws to hold the shim in place (NOTE: be sure to drill far enough for the full length of the screw). See pictures below.

If you are lowering the rear, you may need to lower the front also, find that kit here.

NOTE: After installing the lowering wedges the centering pin in the leaf spring will no longer fit itself in its appropriate hole. This is normal, and there are enough alternative lateral restraining devices to account for this.


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