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Bugeye Original Color Spray or Touch Up Paint

Bugeye Original Color Spray or Touch Up Paint

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Finally! Here’s a solution for anyone looking for the original paint color for their Bugeye Sprite. We now sell spray cans and touch up bottles of the original colors used on Mark 1 Austin Healey Sprites. Use the drop down menu to choose your color!

We’ve handled more than 300 Bugeyes and had a chance to get intimate with a lot of Sprite paint. Did you know that Bugeyes were only available in eight colors? Should be very simple, right? Actually, very few of the cars out in the world have been repainted in the correct original colors primarily because all the old paint codes do not translate into modern chemistry. If you bring any of the published original paint codes to a paint shop and get a blank look from the vendor, you understand what I am talking about.

To make matters more challenging, most Bugeyes are painted red and white. I would guess we have seen 25 different version of each! Take a look at white and red late model cars on the road today and you will see there are hundreds of variations!

Thus we have reverse engineered the correct colors from un-molested original cars to come up with the closest color match. Our colors are as close as we can subjectively say are the correct originals. These are the colors we use when we restore cars in our shop back to the original colors.

NOTE: If you are using our paint for touch up purposes, there will be slight variations and it is unlikely our paint will match your car exactly. Paint weathers and changes over time, and so our new paint may not be a perfect match when applied on your car which might have been repainted 25 years ago. All we can do is provide the correct original color and you can work from there. You can also ask your local bodyshop to help tint our correct touch up paints to ensure our product is a perfect match for your existing paint job. 

Disclaimer: We have chosen these colors from sampling hundreds of Bugeyes that have come through out building. But please note that we are not responsible for any color match issues on your particular car. If you are using our paint samples to paint an entire car, please make sure to do a spray out and check the color on your particular car, and make sure you are happy before you spray. Every car has had a different amount of UV exposure over the years so not all paints will match our samples.

Each touch up bottle comes with a built in applicator brush attached to the lid. Touch up bottles are made to order and have about a 6 month shelf life, less if frozen. Spray cans should last longer. Paint is single stage quick drying modern acrylic. Original lacquer paints are not available.

Olde English White
Cherry Red
Leaf Green
Iris Blue
Dark Green


Coming soon
Primrose yellow


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