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Austin Healey Sprite Cowl Gasket - Bugeye only

Austin Healey Sprite Cowl Gasket - Bugeye only

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Cowl gaskets have been difficult to source for Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprites. This is the gasket that goes underneath the back edge of the bonnet. They are usually way too firm and end up pushing the bonnet proud at the cowl, which can ruin the clean lines of your Bugeye. We have also found the most of these gaskets are also too wide to fit down into the trough in the body of the car.

We got tired of modifying poorly fitting gaskets and instead came up with a new alternative… this cowl gasket is spongy and fills the factory trough under the back flange of the nose. Unless you are going for concours gold, this is an excellent alternative to the gasket you will find out there, which we generally remove and throw away when it comes into our shop on cars, because it usually does more harm than good.

This new gasket fits the channel in the body properly and will support that back edge of your nose quite nicely. We are using it on all our restorations because it works.  Some glue may be required to hold the gasket in place if the channel in the body of your car is at all bent or damaged.

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