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Bugeye Sprite Chrome Grille

Bugeye Sprite Chrome Grille

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Here's a proper MK1 Austin Healey Sprite Grille for your Bugeye! Most Bugeyes have had minor grill damage over the years, whether chrome pitting or dings, and a new grill makes any car look great!

These are premium reproductions and quite handsome. You might leave fitting your new grill to a local body shop-this job can be a bit tricky on certain cars if they have suffered any front end damage in the grill area over the  years. Thus, most grills require some bending and reshaping to get them to fit your car. The best time to fit a new grill is when you have the car apart for paint. It can be done but it's tough to fit a new grill to a freshly painted car unless you pre fit it when the car was in primer. If you need to drill holes for your grille (if you are fitting a fiberglass nose, for example), we have included photos of a nose without a grille in it for reference purposes.

DIY INSTALLATION TIP: The studs and speed nuts can be a bit tricky to fasten, but that's how grills were fastened at the factory! We sometimes run a die over the grill studs and thread them so we can use hex nuts to better adjust the grill tension on the car for the best fit.

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