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Battery Tray (Bugeye - 1962 with Pull Switch Bracket)

Battery Tray (Bugeye - 1962 with Pull Switch Bracket)

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This is a sheet metal replacement part that has to be cut out of the engine bay and weld the new one into place. Throughout years of use, occasionally a leaky battery can spill acid onto this panel and begin eating at it. Batteries are small but heavy, and if the sheet metal tray that holds it has been corroding, it isn't safe to put a new battery on it. If the battery falls due to extreme rust conditions, then it could short and start a fire - not good! 

This replacement panel is the only one available that has the proper starter solenoid bracket brazed onto it, making it possible to use the starting system as it was originally configured from the factory. 

When replacing this piece, you will need to remove the starter solenoid, a good time to replace it!

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