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Sprite Bonnet Medallion

Sprite Bonnet Medallion

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Medallion is currently out of stock. 

This is a reproduction of the original style bonnet medallion for a MK1 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite.  Is yours chipped or worn? Don't let the beauty of your Frogeye Sprite be compromised by a worn-out emblem.  These are faithful reproductions of the original emblem.

These measure roughly 2-1/4" diameter. 

A note about quality... we have tried emblems from every supplier out there. They are all molded by machines that leave a little scar on the edge. We are forever trying to find the best parts for the cars we build and for our parts customers as well. The ones we sell are the best that exist. Unfortunately, there is a minor flaw in the edge of the plastic which cannot be avoided. This flaw is very hard to see once the badge is on the car.

If you find these badges available elsewhere, don't be fooled... they won't tell you up front about the flaw. But these are all coming from the same machine.

We comb the world for the best parts we can find, and test them out for you. If there is a flaw, we tell you so you can make an informed decision about what you choose to put on your car.

Now, these badges come with the two barbed clips you need to stop your emblem from flying off your bonnet when you reach the speed that would formerly jettison your shield! Simply press these clips on the flange of the badge once it is installed in your nose. We included a picture of the bottom view.


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