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Amber glass beehive turn signal lens (European spec) (Bugeye Only)

Amber glass beehive turn signal lens (European spec) (Bugeye Only)

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You could find these amber turn signal lenses on the rear of Bugeyes intended for the European and UK market, where Amber was used instead of red to distinguish them from the brake lights; Sawyer, Bugeye #393, was sold new in Germany and as such had these lenses installed. You may find on your Bugeye's heritage certificate (if you don't have one we can sell you one, click here for more information on heritage certificates) that Amber lenses were installed as an option even on cars imported to North America.

However, a lot of folks also like to use them in the front signal housings instead of the clear lenses for a little added color!

Sold individually.

If you need clear beehive lenses, click here.

If you are looking for red beehive lenses, click here.

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