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Aluminum Footwell Crossmember Cover Kit - 1/4 Elliptic Spring Cars

Aluminum Footwell Crossmember Cover Kit - 1/4 Elliptic Spring Cars

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This product helps protect your footwell cross-members, which get kicked quite regularly as passengers come and go. In fact, without protection, after a while the top of your crossmember carpet will start to loose patches of fibers if you are not careful. This is the highest traffic and wear area in a Bugeye Sprite interior. Metal threshold covers protect and preserve your investment.

This kit comes with four pieces--two cross member covers and two forward footwell triangles, which cover the inboard ledge adjacent to the transmission tunnel, as shown in the picture below. The horizontal main rails are 19-1/8" with inner dimensions of 2-7/16" high, 2-3/4" wide at the top and tapers to a wider 2-15/16" at the (open) base. The longitudinal rails measure 16" in length and measure 3-7/8" at the rear edge. Please note there may be slight variation from one kit to another. 

The covers will install directly over your carpet if you have that installed, or over the bare metal. Some trimming may be required to fit your particular interior. If there is carpet installed, you will have to trim down the fibers on the carpet to get a snug fit. The good part is when there is carpet, you most likely will not need to screw the covers down, simply tuck the flat parts under the front floor mat, and the mat under the seat. If installing over bare metal, you will have to screw down the covers. When doing so, there is no "screw has to go here" placement, it is up to you! Have metal shears handy, as some trimming may be necessary for proper fit. We have also had clients tell us that removing the vertical panels can help.

 We also often use a few sheet metal screws to anchor the cross member pieces as shown. When finished, you'll have a well dressed footwell area with superior chafe protection!

And if you prefer a rubber alternative, click here for our rubber cross member kit...




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