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Cockpit Intake Air Snorkel Kit (Sprite MkI/MkII, Midget MkI)

Cockpit Intake Air Snorkel Kit (Sprite MkI/MkII, Midget MkI)

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To make your engine bay look right, you need this hose. It's purpose is to capture "fresher" air out in front of your car and deliver that clean air to the cockpit, via the blower motor intake. These are often missing, dented, or bent and ugly. 

This kit includes a new air snorkel of the correct diameter that fits your Sprite, two original-type wire clamps, and one large P-clip to hold the snorkel to the inside wheel arch. It's everything you need to upgrade your engine bay as shown in the photos here. If you are missing the front flange that receives the leading edge of the hose and hangs next to the radiator, we sell that too! You can find that part by clicking here...

This is an easy product to install, suitable for anyone with basic skills and tools.


  • Before installing, bend one end of the snorkel at about a  90 degrees to fit at the inlet duct (next to the radiator) followed by a gentle "S" curve to terminate the snorkel close to the heater box.
  • You will have an easier installation if you trim the hose to fit your car. Attach the snorkel to the inlet duct and note how much excess should be removed off the opposite end for a nice, clean fit to the heater box. Mark that point, remove the snorkel, cut off the excess at that mark, loosely slip a wire clamp over each end, then re-attach the snorkel inlet-side first.
  • Tighten that clamp, slide the opposite end over the heater box duct, then tighten that clamp. The large p-clip can installed last, by opening it up and sliding it over the outside of the snorkel.
  • Match the profile of the hose shown in the photos, this will prevent the hose from being damaged when you close your bonnet.


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