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Camber Adjusting Custom Control Arm (Sold Individually) (All Spridgets)

Camber Adjusting Custom Control Arm (Sold Individually) (All Spridgets)

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It seems just about every Spridget has some form of old front end damage and we've found camber often varies dramatically side to side on these old cars. Here's the best solution... this adjustable arm allows you to finally precisely control camber for the desired result. Watch the video below to see how we used this new product to fix a formerly crashed Bugeye.

Use two shims to attain one degree negative for your street car for improved handling (factory was one degree positive). Or use one adjustable arm to correct old geometry issues due to prior crashes and to finally eliminate uneven tire wear, and improve handling while you are at it!

This part is one more tool to allow you to improve the drivability of your car. Two shims equal one degree negative but make sure to measure your camber since no two cars are the same.

A note about finish... these are recycled control arms so they are not cosmetically perfect. They are nicely powder coated and look great! But you might find some cosmetic variations from past life service. 

Each arm comes with extra shims so you can find the setting that works for your car - a control arm with no shims on it is the same as a stock control arm. These arms also contain a 1/2" x 1" bearing if you ever need to replace it - we haven't had to yet! 

These arms fit all Spridgets from 1958-1980. 

These control arms do not come with the spring seats in the center. You will have to re-use your original spring seats and paint them black. 

NOTE: Some king pins interfere with the mounting plate on the end of the control arm. The backside of the king pin at the bottom where the bolt goes through may need to be ground a little bit to clearance it. 

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