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Reconditioned 948 head, upgraded with hardened valve seats

Reconditioned 948 head, upgraded with hardened valve seats

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If you want a new head for your 948 Spridget engine, check this out… we have a stout rebuilt unit available for you, ready to bolt up to your engine. This is particularly useful if your head gasket fails on your 948, because that would be the time to do a valve job before you put the head back on. If you don't have a good local resource or time for a valve job, you need our head.

We magniflux each head to check for cracks, plane the mating surface, clean, and replace everything needed to produce a premium rebuilt unit you can just bolt on to your engine. Each head gets new intake valves, new exhaust valves, new valve springs, and new valve stem seals. The valve guides are replaced with new iron guides and are honed properly to factory clearances, and we also install hardened valve seats so your head can run on unleaded gas without issue. This is the same head we use on our rebuilds in our shop, with great results!

All rebuilt 948 heads are casting number 2A629, which was the original Bugeye casting number.

No core necessary!

If you aren't changing your head but do need to replace a corroded bypass fitting, we have them available here.

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