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948 Dirty Engine Oil Root Beer

948 Dirty Engine Oil Root Beer

$ 9.95 $ 59.95 Sale

Please join us in a celebration of the inevitability of leaking British sports cars. 
We have bottled the finest royal root beer this side of the Atlantic and lovingly infused each bottle with a hint of carefully captured oil drippings from 948 Frogeye engines. Delicious! The subtle hint of the workshop floor is our secret. Bugeyeguy 948 Dirty Engine Oil Root Beer has all the underpinnings of an overdue oil change. If your driveway looks anything like ours, it’s littered with engine oil spots, so why not drink up?  Your leaking rear main seal implores you! Nothing quite finishes a day in the garage like a bottle of 948 brew!
$10.95 for a  bubbling four-pack or save four dollars when you buy a case of six 4-packs for $59.95, all delivered right to your door.

Each bottle contains 100% first quality root beer and we’re only suggesting the engine oil highlights for fun. No actual engine oil is in this beverage, so please drink it with abandon!
PS: A number of clients are telling us our root beer goes great with Dubliner Honey Whiskey and the like...

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