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"501" Bugeyeguys Concours Gold Hat

"501" Bugeyeguys Concours Gold Hat

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This is our nicest hat yet, a celebration of everything we put into the restoration of the first “concours” Bugeye Sprite, AN5L 501. Our premium restoration of the most special of Bugeyes deserves a premium hat!!!

501 is one of just a handful of Bugeyes certified to Gold standard by the National Austin Healey Club. We rebuilt the very first production Sprite to accurate factory specs, and the gold certification is proof the job was done right!

We've produced this premium adjustable cap with the BMC logo and an Austin Healey logo on the other side.

You'll also get 501's birthdate on the back, March 31, 1958 is the day that started it all!

With the Bugeyeguys logo on the front, let the world know where 501 lives! This slick hat is in stock and ready to ship!

Note: the hat pictured shows embroidered logos front and back… art on the final hat will be printed, not embroidered (with the same artful technique shown here for the concours gold logo and the BMC logo). 

This is a shop favorite! There is only one 501!

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