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Austin Healey Sprite 5-Speed Shift Lever for Ford Five speed conversions  - Bugeye

5-Speed Shift Lever Modification for Ford Five speed conversions

$ 194.95

There is a lot manufacturers don't tell you in our world. For example, if you buy a FORD five speed conversion kit for your Spridget, you get a straight shift lever. Good luck if you want it to fit your shift tower with the original boot.

We have a solution.

This is a custom welded lever that fits, and allows you to make your stock Bugeye look stock, even though a five speed transmission is lurking beneath. Sure you can make your own if you weld, but you will need a bunch of trial and error to make sure you can engage all gears without it popping out of gear on deceleration. This one in made in a jig made to ensure accuracy.

This product only works on FORD five speed transmissions.

This is a service which takes your 5-speed shift lever that you send in to us, us modifying it, and sending it back to you. 

You might also like our custom five speed shift knob, that fits the threads on this lever. Click here to see that exclusive product.

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