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1275 Air Injection Cylinder Head Plugs (Set Of 4)

1275 Air Injection Cylinder Head Plugs (Set Of 4)

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On 1275 engines, there was often an "air injection" emissions system installed, which utilized a pipe that connected to 4 ports in the cylinder head to function. These are almost always removed when installed in a Bugeye, and removed on other cars to de-clutter the engine bay, remedy a locked-up pump, etc. A lot of times when this was removed, the fittings from the pipe were left in the head and the pipes crimped over to block off the air flow. These stainless steel plugs are a more elegant and effective solution to blocking the ports in the head. Sold as a set of 4.

NOTE: When installing these plugs, use a little anti-seize on the threads in case they ever need to be removed.

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