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Austin Healey Sprite Brand new HS2 SU Carburetor and manifold set  - Bugeye

Brand new HS2 SU Carburetor and manifold set

$ 1,529.95

For years we have been working hard to match up good used SUs so we can deliver the best running car. Now, we have a great new option, that allows you to start with all brand new components. These new SU carbs are beautiful and all you to start fresh with matching new parts with no wear.

The HS2 is a superior evolution to the original H1 Bugeye carburetor. The intake throat is slightly larger so you get more fuel and air mixture into your engine but the linkage is much simpler and there are fewer moving parts which means less maintenance and more precise operation. Moreover, the design is improved so there are fewer rubber gaskets  to maintain and less vulnerability to the corrosive affects of ethanol. We recommend HS2s as a significant upgrade over the original carburetor.

You get a complete assembly with new manifold and all moving parts, which optimizes your chances of getting the best tune. New linkage, new springs, and all new components are refreshing to see!

You will still need to tune and adjust these to match your powerplant, but this is our best recommendation for the best running Sprite.

This kit is designed as a complete replacement for the original H1 1-1/8"  carb set up that would have come new on 948 Sprites. They will also work on a 1098 or 1275 engine without issue. Included is a new manifold to adapt these carbs to your any A series engine.

Also included is a manifold gasket and braided carb to carb bridge line, as shown.

If you are switching from H1 carbs, your original style air filters will not fit (the H1 type filters are not very effective filters anyway). You will need HS2 filters and we offer both the original type Black filter assembly or a K&N lifetime pancake assembly, both of which are linked below.

INSTALLATION NOTE: If you have a pre-heat box on your exhaust manifold, it will be in the way for the linkage in this kit. You will have to find a manifold without a riser or switch to a header, which you can find by clicking here

INSTALLATION NOTE: In the center of these carburetors, there are two brass nipples which are for vacuum. For most applications, such as a stock engine, you can simply cap these ports with a vacuum cap. Sometimes, it's preferred to run vacuum line from these nipples to the canister on the front of a 1275 engine if you have a rear seal kit installed (found here). If you decide to go that route, you would run vacuum line from each nipple to a "y" in the middle, then run the single vacuum line to the canister on the front of the engine. Of course, every engine is different so yours may be different. 

 Click here to see the original stock air filters fit on cars with HS2 carbs.

Click here to see the K&N pancake air filters.

For a stock look with a higher quality product, click here to see the K&N air filters with the stock air filter housing.

Click here to read more about carbs!


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