Solid State Fuel Pump & Nutsert Installation

Solid State Fuel Pump & Nutsert Installation

Our preferred mounting location for the solid state fuel pump is on the passenger side of the rear bulkhead.

fuel pump location


To mount the pump, two rivet nuts must be installed in the bulkhead.
    1.) Using the pump as a template, mark both mount holes and drill them open with a 3/8" bit.
      2.) Setup the nutsert tool and nut as pictured below. First, insert the allen bolt through the nutsert tool. Then thread the insert nut onto the allen bolt with the flange side closest to the tool. Be sure the insert tool is fully threaded together, and that the insert nut is threaded all the way on the allen bolt. The flange of the insert nut should be flush with the insert tool.                                                        





        3.) While threaded onto the allen bolt, push the insert nut into the first mounting hole you created in step one. Then use a 7/8 and an 11/16 wrench to open the tool and crimp the insert nut to the bulkhead. The insert nut is now installed. 


          4.) Thread the rubber isolators into position, followed by the fuel pump, washers, and nuts. The ground wire is easily installed next to the pump with a sheet metal screw threaded right into the bulkhead.

            5.) For easy wiring, run the wires along the fuel line underneath the car and into the bonnet where it can be connected to power. Be sure to protect the wires with plastic loom to avoid damage and limit wear. Alternatively, you can drill through the bulk head and run the wires through the passenger compartment and up to the fuse box through the car.
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