Front flip nose kit installation

1.) Jack up the front of the car and remove the front wheels. Remove the grill from the hood. Remove the hood from the car as well the rear hinges, hood latch, support struts, and locator pins.

2.) Remove the bumper and bumper brackets.

3.) Using a cut off wheel or grinder, cut back the protrusion that seats the rearward bolt point of the bumper brackets.

4.) Using a 3/8" drill bit, drill out the hole of the forward bracket mount.

 5.) Find a small item about 1/8" thick to tape over the location holes to use as a spacer. This temporary spacer will support the front of the hood during assembly so that when all is complete, and the spacers have been removed, the hood won't rattle against the frame.

6.) Lift the hood on to the car and find its best position.

7.) Insert the 6.0" long bolt through Hole #1 in Part A and into the drilled out pivot hole in the frame. Include the bumper brackets and washers shown in Figure B. 

8.) Then insert a temporary bolt through Hole #2 and into the rearward hole that you cutoff in Step 3. Include the bumper brackets. You may need to drill this hole in order to fit the temporary bolt. This will keep the hinge assembly level and in alignment during assembly.

9.) Insert a bolt through Hole #3 including all the components shown in figure B and into the hood latch hole already in the hood. Check the fit of the components between the hinge and the hood to determine if you'll need to make any spacers as shown in Figure B.

10.) Tighten up the bolt you just put through Hole #3 while keeping all the holes lined up for Hole #4. With a 3/8" drill bit, drill through Hole #4 and straight into the hood. Follow with a bolt, washer, and nut and tighten up this bolt as well.

11.) Pull back the temporary bolt in Hole #2 enough to clear the frame but still hold on to the bumper brackets. You may now tilt the hood, but be careful as it will fall over without the slide stop. Find something to prop up the hood high enough to run the proper bolt through Hole #2 from the back side including the bumper brackets. Tighten a nut on this bolt temporarily to hold it all together for now.

12.) Bring the hood back down to the closed position and install the bumper on to the brackets.

13.) Now it's time to open the hood to determine how far you want it to open, while being careful to keep the bumper clear of the ground. Find something to prop up the hood in this position. Understand that once the hinge is fully assembled, the weight of the hood may cause it to open about 1/4"more (bumper to ground) than it is currently propped open in this step.

14.) Remove the temporary nut from the bolt in Hole #2 and insert the slide stop (Part D) through Hole #5 and replace the temporary nut. Then with the 1/4" drill hole placed in slide Hole #6, hold the drill bit tight against the far end of the hole and use the point of the drill to find a spot on the radiator support of the frame and drill carefully to avoid contact with the radiator.

15.) Insert the 1/4" bolt into the hole from the back through Hole #6 in the slide stop and determine the space between the radiator support and the slide stop including a nut. Remove the slide stop and tighten up this bolt in place. Reinstall the slide with the proper washers and finish with lock nuts (not too tight, these parts have to pivot and slide).

16.) Installation is complete. Replace the grill and remove any temporary spacers tapped over the location holes.

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